Weight Loss Diet : Which is better Chia Seeds or Basil Seeds for Weight Loss?


Chia Seeds Vs Basil Seeds For Weight Loss: To get a toned and fit body, people sometimes sweat by dieting and sometimes exercising in the gym for hours. Despite this, there is no surety guarantee that you will get the desired result. In such a situation, most people consume chia seeds and basil seeds during their weight loss journey. Both these seeds are extremely nutritious and are known for their amazing health benefits. Chia and basil seeds help in weight control by boosting immunity. But if the question is asked whether chia is better in reducing weight or basil seeds, then what will be the answer. Let's know.


Nutrients in Chia Seeds
Chia seeds contain 6 percent water, 46 percent carbohydrate, 34 percent fat and 19 percent protein. Apart from this, it contains antioxidants that protect the body from damage by free radicals. A good amount of fiber is found in chia seeds, which is helpful in reducing weight. Actually, consuming fiber reduces appetite, due to which we eat less food and weight starts decreasing gradually. Apart from this, chia seeds do not contain calories and are gluten-free, due to which weight does not increase and remains under control.


Nutrients in Basil Seeds-
2 grams of protein, 7 grams of carbohydrates, 2.5 grams of fat and 1240 milligrams of omega-3 are found in 3 grams of sabja seeds in basil seeds. Basil does not contain calories and fat at all. Therefore, its consumption does not increase weight and gradually the weight is reduced. Along with this, fiber is also good in basil seeds, eating fiber-rich foods does not cause much hunger and reduces weight. If its water is drunk before eating food, then excessive amount of food is not eaten, so it helps in reducing weight.

What is the difference between Chia and Basil Seeds?
Let us tell you that Basil Seeds are black, small and round. On the other hand, chia seeds are slightly larger, more oval in shape and come in many colors.

Chia seeds vs Basil seeds-
Almost identical nutrients are found in chia seeds and basil seeds. Both chia seeds and basil seeds are beneficial in terms of health. Both contain a good amount of fiber, which gives a feeling of fullness. That is why it is believed that both of them reduce weight. However, studies have found that chia seeds are very beneficial for weight loss. Whereas only a limited number of studies exist on the benefits of basil seeds.