Weight Loss: Bharti Singh's changed to look after weight loss! learn easy weight loss tricks from Comedian


Comedian Bharti Singh Weight Loss Journey: We all know comedian Bharti Singh, crores are crazy about her sense of humor. For the past many years, she has been making us all laugh through her comedy, many times she used to make fun of her increased weight, but today she has become much thinner than before. Although this change did not come in a day. Let us know how she reduced her belly and waist fat.


For this, you have to eat a low-calorie diet 2 days a week, for the rest of the day you keep eating normal food. This is the reason why Bharti Singh has lost a lot of weight already and she has become an example for us.


Through 'Intermittent Fasting', the digestive system gets some rest, which makes it easier to lose weight. 


For this, Comedian Bharti Singh resorted to 'Intermittent Fasting', which was very effective. In this, nothing is eaten for a few hours of the day.


Bharti Singh has been making headlines ever since she lost 16 kg in September 2021, she has become a motivation for many people.


Last year, Bharti Singh's weight used to be more than 90 kg, which was quite high in terms of her height (5 feet) but now she has become about 75 kg.