Wedding Preparation Checklist: The date of the wedding is near, so make such a checklist for all the preparations...


Wedding Preparation Checklist: A lot of work happens at the time of marriage. In such a situation, the parents of the bride and the groom also have to make many preparations, while the bride and groom also have to do a lot of preparations. In such a situation, when a marriage starts coming near, then there is a worry that there should be no shortage. Nothing should be left incomplete regarding the wedding preparations and no work should be left out. In such a situation, if the date of your wedding is near, then prepare a list of the preparations for the wedding. This list will make it easier to complete all the marriage work on time.


Full details of marriage
If you are making a checklist of your marriage, then first of all note down the complete details of the marriage in one place. What is the date of marriage? what day will the function in the wedding ceremony and what will be the budget for the wedding? Accordingly, you can prepare. As per the budget, the wedding planner can decide the venue and menu.

Guest list
The second most important thing in the wedding checklist is to prepare the guest list. How many and which guests are coming to the wedding, write down with the name. Cards can be printed according to the number of guests. Based on this, you can decide where to keep the wedding program so that all the guests can easily adjust. The quantity of food is also decided based on the number of guests. After the guest list is created, complete this list while sending the card so that you do not forget to invite a guest.

Wedding venue
People do the wedding ceremony in a hotel, banquet, restaurant, lawn or in such a place where all the guests can come. In such a situation, decide the place of marriage in advance and book it. There can be a problem when someone else books your favorite place at the last moment. Therefore, decide in advance the place where the wedding is to be organized and book it.

Wedding decorations
The decoration is one of the most important things in any wedding. People dream a lot about their wedding, one of them is the beautiful atmosphere at the time of marriage. When the bride and groom wear each other's garlands, the view becomes enchanting amidst beautiful lights and floral decorations. The wedding decorations also have to prepare for the feel of it captured in pictures long forever memorable.

Wedding menu
Through marriage, the boy and the girl are tied in the relationship of husband and wife. This is an occasion for celebration. The guests who come to bless the bride and groom become a part of this celebration. The celebration seems incomplete without delicious dishes. In such a situation, arrangements are made for good food in the marriage. For which you have to prepare in advance. The wedding menu is prepared. Accordingly, catering is arranged.


Wedding shopping
Wedding shopping is one of the most important things. Wedding shopping for a boy or a girl is different. According to the wedding programs, their wedding outfits, footwear, jewelry, etc. are purchased. Apart from this, gifts, etc. have to be bought for the family of the bride or groom. In Hindu marriages, gifts are given to the mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, Nand, etc. In marriage, a lot of goods are bought and kept in advance for the worship method. According to the list of wedding pundits, buy and keep all the goods in advance.