Weather Alert: The weather in Rajasthan will change from next week!


There is a possibility of a change in weather in Rajasthan in the second week of this month due to the direction of northwest winds. At present, the temperature remains normal in many districts of the state. 

 According to the news, information has been received from the director of Jaipur Meteorological Center, Radheshyam Sharma, regarding the weather in the state. 

According to Radheshyam Sharma, the effect of western disturbance can be seen in Rajasthan from Tuesday. Due to this, light rain may occur in some districts of the state on Tuesday and Wednesday. Due to this, there may be a drop in the temperature of the state.

According to the Meteorological Department, due to the effect of a new Western Disturbance, Rajasthan may see a drop in the night temperature by up to 5 degrees. According to Radheshyam Sharma, director of Jaipur Meteorological Center, the people of the state may have to face severe winter in December and January. However, the effect of winter will be less in November.