Washing Hacks: What to do to remove Stubborn stains from clothes, just adopt these measures...

Clothes Washing Tips: Often our clothes get stained. Many times these stains are so stubborn that they do not take the name of getting rid of clothes. A stain in clothes spoils the color of the clothes as well as spoils the dress a lot. In such a situation, to get rid of the stain, we wash it in the washing machine or wash it by rubbing it with hands.
  In such a situation, washing that clothes excessively can be spoiled or torn. Now you don't have to be afraid of these stubborn stains. You do not even need to put much effort to get rid of stains in clothes, because with the help of kitchen items you can easily get rid of these stubborn stains. Let's know how..
Salt and lemon

If your clothes have got oil or grease stains, then clean it with the help of salt and lemon. For this, rub the cut lemon with salt on the stained area. Doing this two to three times will remove the stubborn stains on the clothes. If you want, you can clean the stain with the help of cotton by mixing alcohol in salt.
Sour curd is very useful

If paan or gutka stains on men's shirt in your house, then you do not need to panic now, because sour curd is enough for these stains. For this, soak the shirt in sour curd or buttermilk and keep that shirt. After 15 to 20 minutes, rub the stained area and clean it. If the stain does not come out in the first time, then repeat this process, the stain will be removed easily.
Lukewarm water is also the treatment of stubborn stains
Sometimes you can even clean simple stains with just lukewarm water. For example, if tea or coffee spills on the clothes, clean it immediately. For this, instead of using cold water, soak the cloth in lukewarm water. Afterwards, keep it for a while by applying washing powder or soap. Then clean it with light hands.
Baking soda is also effective
If there is a stain on the cloth, immediately wash it with water mixed with baking soda. Keep the cloth dipped in this water for 20 minutes. If the stain does not go away in one go, then repeat this process two or three times, which will leave the stain.
Vinegar would be helpful

The sour things present in the kitchen are very useful in getting rid of stubborn stains on clothes. Vinegar also comes in it. Mix vinegar in detergent powder and apply this solution on the stains in the cloth. Now rubbing it with light hands will clean the stain.