WORLD SNAKE DAY: Do these measures immediately after a snake bite, can save human life


1 If a person is bitten by a snake, first make him lie down straight, and try to take him to the hospital as soon as possible without delay. 

2 Try to see and identify the snake well. So that by telling the description of the snake, it is easy for the doctor to treat. 

Try to keep the patient calm. The more excited the patient is, his blood pressure will also increase at the same rate. 

4 Remove all the things from the victim's body like a watch, bracelet, bracelet, ring, anklet, chain and shoes, slippers, etc. 

5 Do not let the person faint. Even if he is unconscious, pay attention to his breathing and do your best to provide warmth. 

Keep the victim lying down straight, otherwise, the poison may spread due to movement in the body.


7 If a snake has bitten in the hand, keep it hanging down so that the poison can take time to reach the heart. If there is a bite in the leg, then lie on the bed in such a way that the patient's feet hang down. 

8 The place of snakebite should be washed with water or soap of potassium permanganate or red medicine.

Tie a cloth bandage or rope tightly two inches above the place of snakebite. The bandage should be about an inch wide and should be tied within 20 minutes of the bite. 

10 The bandage should not be tied so tight that the flow of blood is completely stopped. The more the area in which the bandages are tied, the more it will be beneficial. The torso can also be wrapped with bandages so that the poison does not reach the heart.