Vitamins Deficiency: Important Vitamins for Health


Important Vitamins for Health: If 6 vitamins start decreasing in the body, then you will not be able to avoid falling prey to diseases. Due to the deficiency of these vitamins, age also starts decreasing.

A long and healthy life starts with a healthy diet. If you have a habit of nutritious food, then you can live a long life without disease. So let us tell you which are those 6 vitamins, which by taking them in your daily diet can help you lead a healthier and better life.


Vitamin B and Vitamin D
Vitamins B6 and 12 are the most important vitamins for the body. They are essential for blood and cells. At the same time, it is important to include vitamin D in the daily diet. It is necessary from the brain to the bones.

Lodine is also needed
Iodine is also an essential element for brain development to the right level of hormones. It is very important for pregnant women and the mental development of the baby.

Folate or Vitamin B9
Folate ie Vitamin B-9 is also very important for anemia and red blood cells. This vitamin aids in protein digestion. Vitamin B9 deficiency in the body during pregnancy is fatal for both mother and baby.


Iron is very important
Iron is a type of mineral, which is necessary for the reproductive organs and their proper functioning. Along with this, iron is also needed for the formation of energy in the body, healing of wounds, immune function, formation of red blood cells, development, etc.

Vitamin C Boost Immunity
Vitamin C strengthens the body's immunity and is effective in protecting it from many types of infections and diseases. If you want to live longer, then it is necessary to take vitamin C daily. To keep your skin, and hair young, wrinkle-free, and healthy, then include things containing vitamin C in the diet daily. It also maintains good eye health.

Foods to overcome the deficiency of Vitamins-Minerals
Folate- To overcome its deficiency, include rice, avocado, broccoli, orange, fortified breakfast cereals, greens, etc. in the diet.

Vitamin D- Vitamin D is very important to keep bones strong. For this, you take butter, mushrooms, early morning sunlight, etc.

For vitamin C and B- take sour-sweet fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit, and kiwi. Along with this, take whole grains, colorful fruits, etc. Papaya, apple, chikoo, sprouted grains, fermented food like idli, dosa, dhokla, multigrain roti, etc.