Vitamin D deficiency: The reason for bone pain, fatigue, and sadness is vitamin D deficiency, be alert as soon as these signs are visible


Vitamin D Deficiency In Body: Due to the deficiency of vitamin D, not only physical, but mental problems also arise, along with bones, it is also very important to increase immunity. So let's know how to recognize that the deficiency of vitamin D in the body has started becoming more than the limit.


If the problem of extreme fatigue, weakness, and bone pain persists, then you should get your vitamin D tested. If you see some other problems along with these problems, then definitely consult a doctor.
Early and severe symptoms of vitamin D deficiency
1 Aggravation of pain in bones and back with joint pain.
2 Depression and feeling sad
3 Sudden excessive hair loss.
4 Pain in the muscles and feeling of tension in the nerves.
5 Delayed healing of abscesses or wounds.
6 Decreased immunity and frequent infections.
7 Feeling sleepy, lethargic and lethargic.
8 Shortness of breath.


Due to vitamin d deficiency
There are many reasons for vitamin D deficiency. Even after corona infection, people were rapidly deficient in this vitamin. The habit of staying away from the sun can also be the reason for this. Also, not taking vitamin D rich things in the diet is also a big reason.

How much vitamin D should be in the body
Vitamin D should be between 20 nanograms and 50 nanograms per milliliter of blood, but if someone has less than 12 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter of blood, it means that they need immediate supplementation.

Drink plenty of orange juice for vitamin D
Apart from oranges, vitamin D is also found in orange juice. Drinking about 250 ml of orange juice provides 100 IU of vitamin D. This is the best fruit to meet the deficiency of Vitamin D. Apart from this, it is necessary to stay in the sun.