Vitamin D Benefits: - Get these 5 benefits along with Vitamin D from the morning sun, definitely sit for a few days and watch


Although many women avoid the sun for fear of skin cancer or tanning, we are here to ease the fear and share how to get the most out of the sun for your health without any negative consequences. 

Sunlight stimulates the production of other beneficial chemicals in the body. Yes, beyond vitamin-D production, one of the many benefits of sun exposure is the release of nitric oxide. It occurs when the skin is exposed to the UVA rays of the sun. 

Nitric oxide is beneficial for heart health by working to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. Additionally, nitric oxide plays an important role in immunity, cellular function, and neurotransmission, and has anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effects.

Exposure to sunlight also produces serotonin and beta-endorphins, which promote mood-enhancing and relaxation, relieve pain, and boost the immune system. Daytime sunlight exposure helps direct your internal clock, or circadian rhythm, by increasing melatonin levels at night, which promotes sleep and gives your body enough time to rejuvenate. 

Apart from Vitamin-D, how morning sunlight can be beneficial for our health, let us know in detail through this article. Ayurvedic doctor DikshaBhavsar has shared information related to this on her Instagram account.  

Expert opinion 

Sharing this information, Ayurvedic doctor DikshaBhavsarji wrote in the caption, 'Sunlight of 25-30 minutes in the morning (right after sunrise) and before 8 am and evening (at sunset) can do wonders for your health. . Natural light does more than just help us produce vitamin D. Vitamin-D is an immune and energy-boosting hormone that has a profound effect on our health.

Benefits of UVA Sunlight

  • Increases nitric oxide which is a vasodilator, which improves blood flow, improves oxygenation, lowers respiration rate, and lowers blood sugar levels.
  • The red visible spectrum that is always present during the day touches mitochondria function which increases energy and overall health.
  • From natural light, we also make the neurotransmitters serotonin, melatonin and dopamine which are important for mental health including reducing anxiety, depression etc.
  • Blue light excites us and keeps us awake. It also helps with seasonal affective disorder and depression due to its hormone-producing abilities.
  • Being outside improves the quality of our sleep and also corrects our daily circadian rhythm, as we make melatonin (our sleep hormone) from daylight, again after an absence of blue light for 2+ hours. Emit melatonin (which is why blue-blocking glasses are so important after sunset).

I am not advising you to sit carelessly in direct sunlight and start burning. Tweak your day, being careful to get more natural light (not just direct sunlight), such as training outside rather than at the gym.

Take a walk, get out.

Remember, sunlight can give you a lot more than just vitamin D, so don't think that taking a vitamin D supplement will fix your health problems (but it will help).

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