Vastu tips: Vastu tips to strengthen the husband-wife relationship!


There are certain principles and rules of Vastu Shastra that should be considered while planning a house. Vastu affects the life of the people living in the house or office. Therefore, the planning, design, layout, and direction of rooms play an important role.


So, scroll down to know what the experts say.

The wife should always sleep on the left side of her husband and the room should be as per Vastu.

The bedroom should not be in the northeast direction. And the bed should not be in the north direction.

Never keep pictures or idols of deities in the bedroom. Also, never keep the items of worship in the bedroom.

You can hang pictures or paintings of beautiful scenery. For example pictures of the river or nature or Radha and Krishna can also be placed.

Use blue or green bedsheets. Pink-colored bedspreads are also good.

Never darken the walls of your bedroom.

Never put a mirror in the bedroom. A mirror in the bedroom can trigger an argument.

The couple can wear two Mukhi Rudraksha.

Wear a silver ring studded with opal on the index finger on Friday.

Worship Shiva.


Give each other gifts.

Keep a copper vessel full of water near the pillow.

Use natural perfumes and let them smell good all around the house, especially in the bedroom.

You can plant sweet-scented flowering plants in and around the house.

In such a situation, by following the above-mentioned tips, a married couple can strengthen their relationship.