Vastu tips: There has been a rift between husband and wife, bring sweetness to the relationship by planting these flowers in the house


Vastu tips: The relationship of husband and wife is together for life, but getting sour or cracked in it is not less than any danger. Fights can be ended with mutual understanding, but the help of Vastu can also be taken in this. Plant these flowering plants in the house.

In Vastu, not only to organize the house but also some measures have been given to improve relationships.  The ongoing disputes between husband and wife can be resolved by planting some flowers in the house.  Learn about them...


Jasmine flower: According to Vastu, the aroma of this flower, apart from removing the negativity present in the house, also brings sweetness to relationships.  Its fragrance calms your mind.  You can put it in any corner of the house.

Lotus flower: The lotus flower, which has special significance from the spiritual point of view, is believed to be related to Goddess Lakshmi.  You can grow this flower at home according to Vastu.  Vastu says that it should be placed in the east direction of the house.

Vastu Tips: Keep a bowl full of rose leaves in this direction, it will be beneficial

Red Rose: When it comes to love and trust, how can a red rose be ignored.  To remove the rift between husband and wife, according to Vastu, you can grow rose flowers at home.  Try to find it in the bedroom only.

Evergreen Flowers: Evergreen flowers that come in pink and white colors are also considered a symbol of increasing love. By applying it outside the house, negative energy stays away from you and your family. If there is positivity, then there will be no fights between the two of you.