Vastu tips: Putting broken glass in the house has a bad effect on the health of the family members!


It is very common to have glass in every house. Many people are very fond of glass. They decorate their house with different types of beautiful mirrors. A mirror is a good companion, especially for women. Women sit in front of the mirror for hours and talk to them. 

For your information, let us tell you that it is auspicious to put a mirror in the house, but a broken or bad mirror gives inauspicious results. Keeping such a mirror in the house reduces the positive vibrations and increases the negative vibrations. The light falling on the broken glass transmits negative energy. Which has a direct effect on the members of the household.


If there is any such damaged or broken glass in your house, then it should be thrown out of the house. When a mirror breaks suddenly, it means that some big trouble has been averted on this glass in the house. So get that mirror out of the house as soon as possible.