Vastu tips: If you want to avoid an accident, then put these special things in the car


If you have bought a new car and you want to save the new car from being a victim of an accident, then keep some such things in the car so that your car does not become a victim of an accident, for this, you can keep some things in your car which we are going to tell you

Put an idol of God Ganapati in the car, it is considered very auspicious, and it protects your car from accidents and the coming troubles go away. You can also put Hanuman hanging in the air in the car, which is very auspicious.

If you keep a black tortoise in your car, it is very auspicious, it is said to remove negative energy, and playing good music inside the car also removes negative energy.


You can also decorate some natural stone or crystal on the dashboard of a natural stone car, which is considered very auspicious, by doing this you will always be safe and negativity will stay away.