Vastu tips: Choose this garland for chanting mantras, you will get inexhaustible fruit


It is said that recitation of worship has a special effect on your life and recitation of worship is considered very auspicious. If you believe in the scriptures, worshiping the deity gives special results and by chanting mantras, you can make your worship successful today. We will tell you some such goods through which by chanting you can remove poverty and get wealth.

Manga is called the gem of the planet Mars and therefore it is auspicious to chant the mantras of Mangal Dev Shri Ram and Lord Hanuman with a garland made in this way. The blessings of Ram and Bajrangbali are received, as well as the position of Mercury and Mars present in the horoscope becomes strong.


If a person's horoscope has a heavy moon or there is a lunar defect, then he should chant with a garland of pearls that it is auspicious.

If you worship Maa Ambe, you can chant her mantras with rhinestone garland.