Vastu Tips for Evening: These 5 things done after sunset turn good luck into bad luck!


Vastu Tips to Avoid Bad Luck: Just as good deeds awaken a person's luck, similarly bad deeds or habits turn a person's luck into misfortune. Therefore, it is advised to do good deeds in the scriptures and follow some rules in life. There are some things in this, which are considered wrong to do in the morning or evening. It is said that doing these things at the wrong time is so inauspicious that it can turn good luck into bad luck. Let us know which work should not be done after sunset.  


Do not sleep at sunset: Often you must have heard from the elderly that it should not be done in the evening. Goddess Lakshmi enters the house in the evening. Therefore, never make the mistake of sleeping at this time, otherwise, Mother Lakshmi will never reside in your house and life will be surrounded by poverty. 


Do not touch trees and plants: Trees and plants should never be touched or plucked fruits and leaves after sunset. It is believed that after sunset, trees, and plants go to sleep, so touching them at this time makes them guilty of sin. 


Do not sweep and mop after sunset: Never clean the house after sunset. After sunset, sweeping, removing webs, etc. is not considered right. Mother Lakshmi gets angry by doing this and it does not take long for the bad days to start. 


Don't donate sour things: Donating is a good thing, but don't donate sour things like curd, pickle, and salt even by mistake at sunset or after sunset. By doing this, the Lakshmi of your house will go to another's place. 


Do not cut nails and hair: Never cut nails and hair at the time of sunset and after sunset. Nor do shaving. Doing this increases negativity in life. With that comes poverty.