Vastu Tips: You should always keep these Vastu tips related to the temple in your mind, it will be a blessing!


Vastu Shastra follows certain principles and rules. These should be taken into account while planning the layout of the house. The Vastu of the house or place affects the life of the people living under the roof. Therefore, the position, design, layout, direction, etc. of the rooms play an important role in determining the quality of life. For example, the position and direction of the house of worship are very important. So, scroll down to know what the experts say.


-The puja house should be in the north and the rituals should be done in the northeast direction.

-The idols of deities should never be too big or small.

-Do not keep more than two idols of Lord Ganesha.

-Worship Lord Hanuman without giving up.

-Keep the idol of Laddu Gopal and the photo of Ram Darbar.

-However, do not keep things attached to the mechanism.

-Keep a Shivling made of mercury.

-Do not keep the idol of Lord Nataraja

-Place idols of Shri Krishna and Radha

-Keep a copper vessel filled with water in the northeast direction.

-Always keep a burning lamp on the altar.

-Light incense sticks and incense and also keep a bottle of Gangajal.

-The bathroom should never be near the bedroom or bathroom.

-While worshiping, sit facing north or west.


-Clean the house of worship daily.

-Offer flowers to the deities daily.

-Immediately remove dry and old flowers from the house of worship.

-If you live in an apartment where you do not have a separate pooja room, build a wooden temple and avoid using marble.