Vastu Tips: Why Northeast angle is so important, know what to do and what not to do in this direction


In Vastu Shastra, doing activities according to the directions always gives desired results. Today let's talk about the north-east direction. The direction between North and East is called the Ishaan angle in Vastu. This direction-kshetra is the most sacred place of any building in which the abode of God resides. It is believed that the Northeast corner of the house should always be kept clean so that happiness, peace, health, and Lakshmi reside in the house. Ishaan is also the name of Lord Shiva and his place is in the northeast direction. Therefore, in the house also this direction is used only for temple or worship. According to Vastu, it is necessary to take care of some special things for this place.


What not to do in Ishaan
-According to Vastu, even after forgetting, no heavy thing should be kept in the northeast corner of the house. It is believed that if you keep a heavy thing in this place, then the communication of positive energy stops, due to which you may lose money. So avoid making heavy cupboards, store rooms, etc. at this place.

-This direction of the house is considered to be the most sacred and the abode of God is believed to be here. Therefore, never collect shoes or slippers, or garbage at this place. By doing this, negative energy is transmitted in the house and problems start coming into the house.

What not to do in Ishaan
-You should not make a toilet even by forgetting in the Northeast corner of the house. Doing so can lead to physical and mental problems. And your deposits start being spent on treatment.

-The bedroom of the newly married couple should not be made mainly in the Northeast corner of the house. By doing this, there is estrangement in mutual relationships and unnecessary problems start increasing.


What to do in the Northeast
-If you want the happiness of the house, then you should make a place of worship in the northeast corner of the house. The worship done at this place is always acceptable to God and it also maintains the happiness and prosperity of the house.

-To maintain positive energy in the house, this direction area should be kept clean so that there is no negative energy in the house.

-This place is always best for any water source like well, boring, matka or drinking water. If you are building a new house, then arrange boring in this corner of the house, or get an underground water tank made.

-This direction is considered to be the direction of meditation, so the children's reading room should always be in the Northeast. Studying in this direction helps in focusing.

-By planting basil and banana plant in this direction and worshiping them regularly, you will also get financial benefits.