Vastu Tips: Water bottle and mobile should not be kept near the pillow while sleeping; There should not be a mirror in front of the bed, know why!


Do you keep a water bottle by your bed when you sleep? When you go to sleep are your earphones, and books on your bed, on the pillow above your head? Do you have unwashed clothes on your bed? These are very common everyday practices that we don't give much thought to. But according to Vastu Shastra, note that these habits can trouble you, say Vastu experts. Many of these habits can actually cause you financial trouble. Astrologer and Vastu consultant Rosy Jasrotia lists the following items which according to her could potentially be a problem in terms of Vastu:


Electronic Gadgets: One should not sleep with any kind of electronic gadget like a mobile phone or watch with you. This not only causes loss of money, but it has a bad effect on every area of ​​life.

Unwashed Cup: Sometimes, we leave our cup of tea or coffee on the bedside table, near the bed. Do not keep unwashed cups or utensils in your bed or room. Otherwise, it may lead to poverty. They also bring bad dreams while sleeping and generally transmit negative energy into the house.

Newspaper or books: Do not keep anything related to studies, newspapers, or books under your pillow. Keeping such things under the head increases the effect of negative energy in life. Such people can never progress in life.


Gold: Many people keep gold jewelry – rings or earrings or chains they are wearing – under their pillow before they go to sleep. Vastu Shastra says that nothing should be kept under the head while sleeping, it increases negativity. This can make you more angry or sour in relationships. Those who follow this practice have to face a lot of obstacles.