Vastu Tips: Tulsi plant also strengthens family relationships, know the benefits of this plant


Vastu Tips: Tulsi plant is considered sacred in Hinduism. This plant is worshipped. According to Vastu, in which direction this plant should be kept. Let's find out what are its benefits.

The Tulsi plant is worshiped in Hinduism. This plant is considered very sacred. It is believed that this plant is very dear to Lord Vishnu. This is a commonly found plant in homes. The Tulsi plant has many medicinal benefits. People often also use it to get relief from the common cold, flu, and cough. It is known to cure many seasonal diseases. According to Vastu Tips, keeping the Tulsi plant in the house keeps happiness and peace in the family. Keeping it in the house improves the financial condition. What are the benefits of the Tulsi plant and in which direction it is auspicious to keep it, let us know?

Clean environment

Keeping this plant in the house helps in purifying the air. It is believed that the Tulsi plant absorbs toxic chemicals from the air. Its fragrance infuses positivity into the atmosphere.

Blocks negative energy

Not only does this plant have many medical benefits, but it also reduces stress. Planting a Tulsi plant in the house removes negative energy. This transmits positive energy. It helps to prevent bad luck from entering the house.

For prosperity

Tulsi plant works to bring good luck to the house. It removes money-related problems. Planting this plant at home improves the economic condition. This plant is considered very beneficial.

Protects from the evil eye

It is believed that by planting this plant in the house, you can protect yourself from the evil eye.

Strengthens family relationships

Having a Tulsi plant in the house is beneficial for the family. It strengthens the bond between family members. With this, the members of the house spend a good time with each other.

Where to keep the Tulsi plant at home?

The best direction for this plant is towards the east. You can keep it on the balcony or near the window in the north or northeast. Keep it in such a place where there is enough light on it. Do not keep brooms, shoes, and dustbins near the Tulsi plant. This brings negativity. The environment around this plant should be clean. Keep dry plants out of the house. It attracts negative energy. Keep this plant in a clean place. Keep it in a place where it gets enough sunlight. Light a lamp of pure ghee near it daily.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)