Vastu Tips: To strengthen the relationship, put a picture of two green parrots in the bedroom


Parrots are considered a symbol of love, loyalty, longevity, and good luck. Even in Chinese civilization, parrots are considered auspicious messages and a symbol of divinity. If you have any kind of ill-will towards your spouse or any kind of estrangement is going on between you.

If there is a lack of love in the relationship, then a picture or statue of a parrot couple should be placed in your bedroom. This will bring happiness to your relationship and it will become stronger than before.


Parrot is also auspicious for businessmen. To keep the north direction free from architectural problems in your business establishment, place a picture of a green parrot in this direction. With this, you will be able to make full use of your intelligence and abilities in trading, which will lead to rapid growth in your business.