Vastu Tips: To save the house from negative energy, do not plant these plants in the house, know here...


Cotton Plant: Do not make the mistake of planting a cotton plant at home. It may look beautiful but in Vastu Shastra, it is considered very inauspicious for the house. Keeping a cotton plant in the house causes bad luck.


Cactus Plant: Never plant a prickly plant in the house. They bring negative energy into the house and destroy the happiness and peace of the house. There are obstacles to the progress of the people of the house. Gives mental stress.


Bonsai Plant: Preparation of Bonsai plants is a good art but keeping them at home is a bad idea. Bonsai plant stops growth. Interrupts work. Brings down business. Therefore, never keep a bonsai plant in the house.


Tamarind-Gooseberry tree or plant: Tamarind attracts negative energy. Similarly, planting gooseberry in the house is to promote negativity. Tamarind-Gooseberry should not be planted not only inside the house but also in front of the house.


Mehndi Plant: The plant of Mehndi is believed to be inhabited by negative powers, so never plant them in the house. Along with this, the strong smell of the mehndi plant also makes people uncomfortable and brings unrest and tension into the house. If you want mental peace and relaxation, then avoid planting these plants in the house.