Vastu Tips: These five things should always be in the kitchen, financial problems will not come!


Vastu has great importance in human life. The importance of everything in the house has been given in Vastu Shastra. 


According to Vastu, some things should always be there in the kitchen. When those things end up in the kitchen, the family may face financial problems. Due to this, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi are not on the family. 

There should always be salt in the kitchen. Negativity enters when the salt is completely eliminated. This angers Mother Lakshmi. Turmeric should never be allowed to run out of the kitchen. Vastu defects arise due to the absence of turmeric in the kitchen. Due to this, the house does not get auspicious. 


Flour should also not be allowed to end in the kitchen. Due to the exhaustion of flour, poverty comes into the house. Due to this, the honor and respect of the family members also decrease.

 Due to the lack of rice in the kitchen, people have to face Shukra dosha. Due to its lack, the splendor of the house ends. Mustard oil should also not run out in the kitchen. Brought new oil before it ran out. Due to not doing so, Shani Dev gets angry.