Vastu Tips: Never use these personal things of others including watches, and clothes, there can be a big loss!


We are taught since childhood 'Sharing is Caring. Sharing anything with anyone is definitely a good thing. Many people ask for things like clothes, watches, and shoes from others, but Vastu Shastra says that this is wrong. Transactions of these things should be avoided. By using these things on others, negative energy can dominate you and this habit can also harm you. Today we are going to tell you which things of others including watches and clothes should not be used.


Clothes: It is common to swap clothes between friends, but it should be avoided. Vastu Shastra recommends wearing clothes not only for friends but also for family members or relatives. Not only does this increase the risk of infection on the skin of your body, but it can also cause bad luck. Because of this, the negative energy of others can reach you through those clothes.

Ring: Do not wear someone else's ring on your finger. The ring can be of any metal or gemstone. Actually, gems and metals are associated with one or the other zodiac and planets. Therefore wearing a ring of other planets can adversely affect your life.

Footwear: Like clothes, many people also use other people's shoes and slippers. This is also the wrong way. Even elders often refuse to wear other people's shoes and slippers. According to Vastu, it brings poverty to the house. If you wear someone else's shoes and sandals, then the wrath of Saturn may come upon you.


Pen: We also ask for a pen or pencil when needed, and then forget to return it. But doing so may cost you money. If you ask for a pen from someone in need, don't keep it with you, return it.

Clock: A clock not only tells the time but also the bad and good times of a person's life are associated with it. Asking for someone else's watch and wearing it can harm you. If you wear the watch of someone who is having a bad or difficult time, it can affect your life as well.