Vastu Tips: Know the auspicious and inauspicious results of a house built at the T Point...


According to Vastu Shastra, such houses which are on the crossroads or crossroads are not considered good, because more Vastu defects are created in these places. People whose homes are in such places may have to face mental, physical, and financial problems. Because there is more flow of negative energy at the tiraha. The second reason is that there is more movement of people and vehicles at the intersection or intersection, due to which mental peace is disturbed. But the good or bad effect of the T-point house also depends on the direction of the house.


Effect of T point according to the direction
East direction- If the houses in the east direction are on T then they are not considered bad. Such a house is a factor of honor and health.

West direction- The T point of the house in the west direction is not considered good, it generates Vastu defects. Negative energy is involved in such houses.

North direction- T point house in the north direction is not considered bad. The people living here earn a lot of money and they also get new job opportunities.

South direction- If the tea point house is in the south direction then it is inauspicious. The people living in this house may get caught in different types of problems.

Northeast - T point of North-East direction is considered good in all respects. It gives happiness and prosperity.

Igneous direction- A house between east and south, that is, the igneous angle or T point of the direction is considered inauspicious, in such houses, there is a fear of theft and fire.

South-west direction - a house built on the T-point in the middle of the south-west direction can cause serious illness and premature death.

Vayavya- Direction North- West i.e. T point of the wind direction gives bad results. It causes financial loss in every way.


Do this remedy
-At the entrance of the house, put a 6-inch octagonal mirror on the front side. By doing this the negative energies coming from the front will come back after hitting the mirror.

-If there is a house at the intersection, then 7 sticks of sweet-sounding wind chimes can be installed on the door. By doing this the positive energy is not blocked.

-Place a picture of Ganpati on the main door and also plant Aloe Vera, Tulsi, or Ashoka plants on both sides of the main door to prevent negative energy.