Vastu Tips: Keeping mirrors in these places will remove the defects of your house, click here to know!


Everything has its own importance in Vastu Shastra. There is also the special importance of keeping everything in its right place. But we often forget these things and do not put things in their right place. Doing this creates discord and irritability in the house. That is why it is very important that the Vastu defects of your house should be removed as soon as possible.


Let us tell you that people like to put glass in their homes. Its beauty also increases by applying mirrors of different sizes and in different parts of the house. But have you ever wondered what is the right place and size to put the mirror? If you have a bathroom or toilet in the basement or southwest corner of your house i.e. in the southwest direction, then you should put a square-shaped mirror on the wall in the east direction. By doing this the Vastu defects of your house will be removed soon.


If any part of your house is of unusual shape or it is dark, then you can balance the energy by placing a mirror in the cut or enlarged area. Apart from this, if there are any electric poles, tall buildings, unwanted trees, or sharp protrusions on the ground outside your house, then you can diagnose them by installing a pucca glass on the main door of the house. The pucca mirror should be in an octagonal wooden frame. On which workmanship made of thread is also found. This frame is mostly red, green, yellow, and golden.