Vastu Tips: Keep this Feng Shui Frog in your house, there will never be a shortage of money, it will be a blessing!


We can get happiness and prosperity by adopting the remedies of Feng Shui. There are many ways in Feng Shui to remove Vastu Dosha and remove negative energy. Similarly, the three-legged feng shui frog is considered a symbol of prosperity. Keeping Feng Shui Frog in the house brings positive energy. Due to this, financial problems are removed and there is an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Let's know the benefits of Feng Shui of keeping a frog in the house.


Another name is money frog

For good luck, health, happiness, and prosperity, the Feng Shui frog should be kept in the house. It is also known as the money frog. This frog has a coin in its mouth. Which is considered a symbol of wealth, power, and prosperity. Keeping money frogs in the house is considered auspicious. There is never a shortage of money by keeping it at home. All the doors of the incoming money start opening. But it is necessary to keep it in the right direction, only then there is profit.

Place the Frog Here

Keeping a Feng Shui frog near the main entrance of the house is considered auspicious. Due to this, negative energy does not enter the house, and happiness and good fortune enter. Keeping Feng Shui Frog also removes all kinds of Vastu defects in the house, which brings laughter and happiness to the family. Feng Shui Frog opens all the doors for the arrival of wealth so that you will never face any financial crisis in your life.


Remember these things

Feng Shui Frog should not be kept in the kitchen or toilet of the house. Doing so can have a negative effect and bring poverty to the house. This creates a situation of discord in the family, so do not forget to place the Feng Shui frog in this place.