Vastu Tips: Keep these things instead of money in the vault, it will be beneficial!


Everyone wants to earn money in life. It takes hard work to achieve it. However, progress in life comes only through hard work. Sometimes luck does not favor and cannot accumulate wealth. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping certain things in your locker can help you attract more money in your life. Know what things are blessed in the locker according to Vastu Shastra


1. Keep new currency notes- Each number or at least one note should be kept as per your choice. These notes should never be taken out of your locker.

2. Keep a small mirror - To attract maximum money to your home, keep a small mirror inside your locker. Make sure the mirror is visible to you when you open the locker.

3. Do not keep the useless things in the locker- Sometimes we keep useless things in the locker. According to Vastu Shastra, avoid keeping unnecessary things in the locker. Along with this, avoid keeping documents, keys, and photos.


4. Keep the cowries in red cloth- According to Vastu Shastra, tie 7 cowries in a clean red cloth. Keep them in your locker. It is believed that doing so brings happiness, prosperity, and good fortune.

5. Keep the idol of Kuber- Lord Kuber is considered to be the god of wealth. Keep the idol of Lord Kubera in one place in your vault. This will create the sum of money gains. It is believed that doing so brings economic progress in life.