Vastu Tips: If your child does not feel like studying, then make these changes in the study room


Tips have also been given in Vastu Shastra regarding the education of children. Despite all the efforts of the children of many people, they do not feel like studying. The reason behind this can also be a Vastu defect. 

If this is happening with your children, then today we are going to give you information about some Vastu tips. By adopting these Vastu tips, you will get positive results. 

For this, you will have to make some changes according to Vastu in your child's study room. You have to keep the picture of Mata Saraswati on the study table towards the east. It is also auspicious to keep a crystal globe on the study table. There should be no slippers on the study table of the child. Due to this negative energy is circulated in the room. 

It is also auspicious to light a candle in the east, north, or south part of the study room. By doing this, the child's mind is engaged in studies and his intellectual ability also increases. The special thing is that a mirror or mirror should not be placed in front of the study table. This distracts the child's attention.