Vastu Tips: If you want to progress and earn money in business, then keep a brass lion in this direction!


Everyone wishes for happiness and peace in their home. For this, a person works hard day and night one by one. But if you do not work according to Vastu Shastra then all this hard work gets wasted. According to Vastu Shastra, all this happens due to Vastu defects in our house. It is very important to have the correct Vastu in the house. That is, keep in mind which thing should be kept in which direction. Today we will tell you about the brass lion.


Many people like to have a brass lion in their homes. But do you know why this is done? Having a brass lion in the house is considered auspicious. If it is placed in the right direction and in the right way then it has a good effect on your life.

Now the question is in which direction to keep the brass lion. According to Vastu Shastra, if a brass lion is kept in the house, then it is considered very auspicious to do so. Let the brass lion instill confidence in the minds of the people living in the house. Also, it can bring progress in both career and business.


According to the scriptures, due to the lion being made of brass metal, Guru Brihaspati resides in it. This is the reason that in whose horoscope Jupiter is weak, he can bring an idol of a lion made of brass into his house. The brass lion is mainly kept in the northeast or east direction. But keep in mind that whenever you keep a brass lion in your house, its mouth should be in the middle of the house. Apart from this, there should be no dust, soil, or dirt on the brass lion.