Vastu Tips: If you see a centipede crawling in the house, then be careful, Know what to do...??


Vastu Shastra, Kankhajura: In the rainy season, many insects take shelter in the houses. Millipedes are often seen in the house during the rainy season. This worm is dangerous to see, but according to Vastu Shashtra, Centipede brings both good luck and bad luck to the house. The millipede is considered a symbol of Rahu. According to Vastu, by looking at the centipede in the house, it can be ascertained whether it is an auspicious sign or inauspicious. Let us know how it is considered good or bad to see centipedes in the house.


Inauspicious signs of seeing centipede (Centipede Ashubh Sanket)
According to Vastu, when a centipede is seen crawling on the floor of the house, then it is considered a sign of Vastu defect in the house. Do not kill it but throw it out of the house.
Centipede creeping in the kitchen is a sign of a Vastu defect in the kitchen. In such a situation, there is a possibility of deterioration in the health of the family members.
If Rahu is weak in the horoscope, then you will see centipedes crawling on the toilet of the house, the threshold of the main door, and the stairs. The weakening of Rahu causes irritability in a person. There is economic loss. Rahu dosha causes mental stress.
When a centipede climbs on a person's head, it means that he may have some serious disease in the future. This worm represents Rahu, so take measures to get the auspicious results of Rahu.


Auspicious signs of seeing centipede (Centipede Shubh Sanket)
If centipedes are found creeping in the house of worship, then it is a sign of good luck. There may be some good news soon. Stuck work can be completed. Get the blessings of Lakshmi Ji.
According to Vastu, the centipede going out of the house indicates the end of all the problems. It is said that going out of the house, also takes the troubles of the family along.
According to Vastu Shastra, seeing a dead centipede on the floor of the house is a sign that a major calamity has been averted at your house.