Vastu Tips: If you keep a mirror in this direction in the house, your luck will change, know by clicking!


Keeping the mirror in the right direction in the house gives auspicious results. Although the mirror is meant to enhance the beauty of the house, applying it in the right direction can also change your luck. By placing the mirror in the right direction, the Vastu defect from the house is reduced.


Rectangular and square mirrors are generally used in homes, which are perfect according to Vastu. Whereas glass with a round shape and edge should never be used in the house. Instead of a round, you can use an octagonal ie an octagonal mirror.


Keeping a pointed-shaped mirror brings negativity to the house and keeps trouble. The North-East direction should be chosen for placing the mirror in the house. By applying the mirror in this direction, the problems gradually go away automatically. Hope you will definitely fix the Vastu of your house by adopting this Vastu remedy.