Vastu Tips: Here are some Vastu tips to avoid diseases, know...


To avoid diseases, if you do some Vastu Remedies, you can get good health and a healthy body. It is very important to have the right Vastu of the house to stay healthy and fit. If the Vastu of your house is not correct, then it can also affect your health. To get good health and stay healthy, you must also try these Vastu Tips.


1) Do yoga and meditation regularly to get good health and stay healthy. If you do this facing the northeast direction of the house, then you will start seeing positive results soon.

2) Worship the house in the North-East direction to work peacefully, increase positive energy, avoid stress and increase your efficiency. If you do any chanting, then do it sitting in the same direction.

3) Use light colors in the house to get a good health. Choose only light colors from the house's claims to furniture, curtains, bedsheets, cushions, etc. Avoid using dark colors in the house.

4) For the good health of the whole family, put a smiling photo of the head of the house or the whole family in the northwest direction.

5) If a person is undergoing treatment in the house, then he should keep his medicine in the area from North to North-East. If the bedroom of such a person is also in this direction then it is better.


6) so that the people in the house do not have health problems, there should not be any useless items lying anywhere in the house. Do not keep closed clocks or defective electrical appliances in the house. Keep cleaning the storage in the house from time to time.

7) There should be no sound while opening or closing the doors, or windows in the house. For this keep oiling them from time to time. There should be no sound even while opening or closing the main gate. This has a bad effect on the health of the people in the house.