Vastu Tips: Happiness and peace will come with the benefit of money, just do these small 7 tips of Vastu...


Who does not want happiness and prosperity? We all try our best to make our life enjoyable. Despite this, many times it happens that our work is not done and we get stressed, due to which there can be a disturbance in the house. There can be many reasons for this, in which Vastu defects in the house can also be a reason. Due to the occurrence of Vastu defects, negative energy starts increasing in the house, due to which sorrow and inauspicious incidents start happening to us. Some simple measures have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra, by adopting you can attract happiness and peace.


1. A pair of red horses in the Vastu direction area of ​​South-East (Fire element) and keeping green plants in the North direction area also creates the possibility of getting more money.
2. Building a store room in the northeast direction of the house or keeping unnecessary things there can also cause deep depression to the people living there. The best solution is to put those items in the respective direction areas.

3. Light a lamp of ghee regularly in the temple of your house and ring the bell, which removes all kinds of negative energy from the house. Similarly, by keeping and playing with conch shells in the house, the Vastu defects of the house are removed. The flower garlands offered to the deities in the place of worship of the house should be removed on the second day and new flower necklaces should be offered to the Lord. Similarly, even after forgetting the pictures of the deities should not be kept face to face in the house of worship, this creates a big flaw.
4. Religious books placed in the wrong direction cause Vastu defects. According to Vastu, religious books and texts should always be kept towards the west. Keeping religious books in any other direction, inside the bed, or under the mattress or pillow is not auspicious.
5. If any member of the house is unable to sleep at night or is irritable due to a Vastu defect, then make him sleep with his head in the south direction. This will change his temperament and the condition of insomnia will also improve.

6. Do not allow dried flowers to be kept in any room in the house. If the flowers kept in the small vase dry up, plant new flowers and remove the dried flowers and throw them out.

 7. Open the windows, and doors for a while in the morning so that fresh air and sunlight can enter the house, by doing this positive energy will come into your house, and Vastu defects will be removed.