Vastu Tips For Job: If you adopt these Vastu Tips, then you will get a good job immediately!!


A good job not only improves your financial condition but you can also fulfill your dreams. Thousands of people apply for a job vacancies. Out of this, one lucky person gets that job. But somewhere in getting a good job, your luck also plays an important role. So we are going to tell you some Vastu tips with the help of which you can get a good job.


1. Lesson of Hanuman Chalisa-

Just like Sankat Mochan Hanuman takes away every crisis, in the same way, if Hanuman Chalisa is recited in this problem of yours, then your problem can be solved. With the grace of Hanuman Ji, you can get a good job soon. If you recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times, you can get freedom from every crisis.

2. Monday's remedy-

People who are looking for a good job, do not know what they keep trying so that they can get a good job. If you are also looking for a good job, then you should start fasting on Monday. With this fast, you can get a good job soon.

3. Milk and Rice Remedy-

Apart from fasting on Monday, you can do another remedy on Monday. On this day you can offer milk and rice to Lord Shiva. But keep in mind that no one is broken in these rice.


4. Lemon Remedy-

Lemon, which is useful in every worship, can be of great use to you. Put a lemon at the feet of any god you believe in, now pour Ganga water on this lemon and take it off your head seven times. After this, cut four pieces from the middle of it in such a way that it is attached from the bottom and then keep this lemon at the crossroads. By doing this trick, you can get a job soon.