Vastu Tips: Follow these Vastu tips for a happy and healthy life, know here...


Happiness is a state of mind. A happy mind leads to a healthy body, but this state of mind is influenced by many external factors. One of the most important factors is the Vastu of the house. Here are some simple tips that can help you channel this wonderful energy into your space.


Entry Gate
The gateway is the first area, which meets the external energy. It is like the mouth of the house. Whatever we are allowing inside will determine our health and happiness. The entrance area should always be well-lit. A dark and hazy gateway will never allow good energies to enter the space. The door should be in good condition. Cracked or cracked wood, handles not working, crackling noises, door slamming… all these are signs of negative vibrations in our space. Decorate your main entrance.

Northeast Region
Northeast is the region of the mind. It also represents the planet Jupiter, the planet of abundance, happiness, knowledge, and good health. When the Northeast is in harmony with Vastu, it leads to abundance in all these areas. Large open spaces work very well in the Northeast. The balcony, living room, worship room, meditation room, and TV room are some examples of what your Northeast should be like. Always keep this area clean and tidy. Use pastel colors here to add more energy.

Plant energy
Plant lots of green plants in the east zone of the house. This field represents our social networking. The green energy here enhances our relationship with the outside world. Some happy moments spent with friends always add to the happiness.

Bedroom energy
This is the area where we spend most of our time, our resting place. Make sure that there are no dark colors like red and black in the bedroom. The mirror should not reflect the bed, as it can cause a lot of restlessness while sleeping and it can also cause arguments between the couples. Good sleep is essential for good health and happiness. Remove the dustbin from the bedroom. Keep plants out of the bedroom. In such a situation, avoid flowers in the bedroom as well.


Make sure that the toilet lid is always down when not in use and that the toilet door should always be kept closed, especially when it is an attached bathroom. This will prevent the negative energy of the bathroom from flowing into your bedroom. Use scented candles, camphor, and essential oils to further enhance the positive energy of the house.