Vastu Tips: Do not keep three rotis together on a plate, it is very inauspicious


Often you must have heard saying this to your elders do not serve three slices of bread together in a plate. Today we are going to give you information that why this is said by the elders.

Keeping 3 pieces of bread together in a plate is considered the feast of the deceased. You must have seen that after the death of a person, one or three breads are kept in the food plate in his thirteenth rites. That is why it is considered inauspicious to keep 3 breads in the plate of a living person.


It is not auspicious to do this even in Vastu Shastra. Serving three breads together in a plate creates a sense of enmity towards the eater. For this reason, even by mistake, three rotis should not be kept together in the plate.