Vastu Tips: Do not keep a dustbin in this place in the house! Click here to know the right place to keep the dustbin


Directions are very important in Vastu Shastra. The right place to keep everything has been told there. As well as which things should not be kept where. Similarly, there is a place to keep a dustbin, if it is kept in the right place, then the luck will wake up and mother Lakshmi will be kind. 


If the dustbin is not kept in the right place, then it can become a problem for the members of the household. Let us tell you through this article at which place the dustbin should be kept in the house.

* Do not keep dustbins in these places:

1. Dustbin should not be kept in the southeast direction also, it leads to loss of money. That's where the money doesn't stop. Debt may also increase.

2. Dustbin should not be kept in the north or east direction of the house. By doing this your progress can stop and new opportunities will not be available.


3. According to Vastu Shastra, the dustbin should never be kept in the North-East direction i.e. in the North-East direction. This direction is known as the northeast and the deities reside in this direction. Keeping the dustbin in this direction makes Maa Lakshmi angry and the people of the house may get tense.

* According to Vastu, the right place to keep the dustbin:

If you keep dustbins in these directions, then happiness and prosperity remain in the house, Goddess Lakshmi is blessed and the sleeping luck can wake up. The right direction to keep the dustbin in the house is South or South-West. You can also place the dustbin in the North-West direction.