Vastu Tips: Do not bring home the wood of these trees, otherwise you will become poor


The wood of milk tree

It is said that if you are keeping the wood of such a tree in your house, something like white-colored milk comes out from breaking the leaves or fur branch, then you should never keep such wood in your house. It is considered inauspicious like a rubber tree or acacia tree are such that milk comes out of them and you should not keep them in the house at all. 

The tree growing

in the crematorium If you are bringing the wood of the tree growing in the crematorium in the house, then you should be careful, do not make this mistake even by mistake, it can have negative energy that can come into your house, so never make this mistake. Don't do it, you may face financial crisis and you may be ruined.


Weak and dry trees

If you bring home the wood of a weak and dry tree, then it is also considered inauspicious, especially such trees which have been hollowed out by termites or ants, do not bring such wood home at all.