Vastu Tips: Correct use of directions will give you good health, progress, and a lot of money, know-how...


Many problems in life come only due to the wrong use of directions. By knowing how to use the directions for living, behavior, eating, and drinking in our scriptures, a person is saved from many kinds of troubles. And happiness and prosperity also come.
Good sleep in the right direction
In Vastu Shastra, it is advised to keep the head towards east and south and feet towards west or north while sleeping because the magnetic field of the earth has a great influence on human life. Sleeping with the head in the south and the feet in the north increases the immunity of the body, and health remains good. Similarly, due to the bedroom of unmarried girls in the northwest direction, there are no obstacles in their marriage.


 Good business from the north direction
In Vastu Shastra, the northern magnetic field is considered to be the place of Kubera, so whenever you participate in any business discussion and consultation, sit facing north because at that time magnetic energy is received in the northern region and brain cells are activated immediately. You become able to present your ideas well.

For good health
Eating food facing east keeps good health and increases life. People whose parents are alive should never eat facing south. If your financial condition is not good then you should go towards the west. Eat food facing towards you, this will gradually improve your financial condition and money will be kept. Eating facing the north direction increases debt, and there may be complaints of indigestion in the stomach. While preparing food, the housewife should face east.


Immunity will increase-
Incorrect condition of groundwater in the house is also the cause of many diseases. Groundwater sources in the north or north-east direction are beneficial and also make the child beautiful and healthy. There is a radiance on the faces of the members residing here. The condition of the water at these places enhances immunity. It is not auspicious to have an entrance or boundary wall or space in the southwest direction, due to this heart attack, paralysis, and bone and nerve diseases are possible.