Vastu Tips: By doing these Vastu remedies, your financial condition is better, and success will be available in your career too.


Vastu Tips: You can take many measures to remove the Vastu defects of the house. These will help in getting rid of Vastu defects. Let us know which Vastu remedies you can do.

Directions have special importance in Vastu. What things you keep in the direction of the house, it matters a lot. Both positive and negative energy emanates from these things. It has good and bad effects on the people living at home and in the family. Many times there is an atmosphere of discord, negativity, and debate in the house. The reason behind this can also be the Vastu defects of the house. To get rid of these Vastu defects, you can adopt various Vastu Tips. Due to Vastu Dosha (Vastu Tips for career), one also has to face financial and physical problems. Let us know which remedies you can try to remove Vastu defects.

Plants and flowers

It is believed that plants bring good luck and positive energy to the house. You can plant plants like bamboo, basil, lotus, and jasmine in the house. These are considered very auspicious. They attract prosperity. A Green or blue flower pot can be kept for the north or northeast corner. You can keep a yellow flower pot for the southwest corner.

Put a mirror

Put a mirror in your office for good business. You can place this mirror in the north or west direction.

Light a lamp and incense in the house every morning and evening

Light a lamp and incense in the house in the morning and evening. This removes negativity and any kind of evil eye. Put a red light in the southeast. This will give you success in work.

Water Fountain and Aquarium

Keep the water fountain in the northwest direction. If the aquarium is placed in the northeast direction of the house, then it is very auspicious. It attracts positive energy, wealth, and prosperity. Keep cleaning them regularly. Otherwise, it can hinder financial growth and opportunities.\r\nArtificial Money Bowl or Gem Stone Tree

For happiness and prosperity, keep an artificial money bowl or gemstone tree in the house. This will give you positive results. It attracts financial income and prosperity.


People should put nameplates outside their homes. This is very beneficial. This communicates positivity. There are new and better opportunities.


Clean the house by adding salt to the water. Apart from this, you can also put some pieces of salt in the corners of the house. They remove negativity.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)