Vastu Tips: Always keep these things in mind while making toilets at home! Click here to know


Today in Vastu Shastra we will talk about the construction of toilets in the North-East direction i.e. in the North-East. North-east direction is considered to remove the darkness of ignorance. Lord Shiva, the lord of all beings, is believed to reside in this direction. It is the most important place in any house. This corner of the house is suitable for worship or meditation.

Toilet in this direction of the house is like poison, that is, construction of toilet in this direction is strictly prohibited. Let us tell here that it is considered auspicious to have a pit in the northeast, so some people happily make a toilet pit in the northeast, but this is not appropriate at all. If for some reason a toilet is to be built in the Northeast, keep in mind that it is advisable to shift the pit of mourning in the north direction.

If there is already a toilet in the Northeast and it is not possible to remove it, then as a remedy, yellow paint should be done in that direction and the lion should be painted in that direction while hunting.