Vastu Tips: Always avoid doing these 8 things after a bath, otherwise money is wasted


The bathroom is one such place that we usually do not pay attention to. People don't think about cleanliness here. Whereas according to Vastu it is the place that creates maximum negativity. This can lead to economic losses and stunted growth. Therefore, to avoid this, some important Vastu tips should be adopted.

  • Do not leave water in the bucket after bathing. If someone takes a bath with that remaining water then it affects the life of that person as well as he gets hurt.
  • Do not leave the bucket empty after bathing. But according to Vastu, clean water should be filled in the bucket. If you don't want to keep the water filled, turn the bucket upside down. This will not cause the problem of Vastu defects.
  • Married women should not apply vermilion if the hair is wet immediately after bathing. Not only does this have a negative effect on them, as well as negative thoughts also start coming into their mind.

  • Do not use any sharp object immediately after bathing. You can use a nail cutter before taking a bath.

  • Do not apply makeup immediately after bathing. If your hair is wet then it is considered taboo to do makeup. Negative energy enters open hair very quickly. So, this should be kept in mind.

  • Wipe down the bathroom after taking a shower. Don't keep it wet. Don't keep your bathroom messy. By doing this, there may be a shortage of money in the house. Always clean the bathroom properly after taking a shower and organize things where they should be.

  • Never leave wet clothes to wash later. According to Vastu, doing so weakens your Sun. So do not leave wet clothes after bathing. Rather, it should be washed before taking a bath. Otherwise, due to the weakening of the Sun, there will be a decrease in the honor and respect of the person. Along with this, money loss and many conflicts may have to be faced.

  • Clean the bathroom immediately after taking bath otherwise Rahu, Ketu, and Shani planets get angry. Due to this, the malefic effects of these three planets increase rapidly. You may face financial loss.