Vastu Tips: According to Vastu, these things should not be kept in the house even by mistake, know by clicking!


Vastu plays a huge role in our life. We should take care of Vastu before keeping any object in the house. Taking care of Vastu brings positivity to the house, but according to Vastu, some things should be avoided in the house.


Broken Glass

As per Vastu, dirty and broken glass or glass can cause great harm to your interpersonal relationships with other family members. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the broken glass while keeping the glass clean.

Dead Animals

According to Vastu, nothing unnatural should be kept in the house. Ivory tusks, skins, snails, horns, or parts of dead animals from taxidermized and emulsified species are some of the things you should avoid keeping indoors.

Dead and spiky plants

Prickly plants promote strife and chaos in the home and damage romantic relationships. They are capable of causing financial difficulties. There should not be such plants in the living room, bedroom, or main entry of your house. Dead flowers should not be kept indoors. These lifeless flowers and plants disrupt the energy flow to the surroundings.



According to Vastu, broken or closed clocks should be repaired or removed from the house. It can prevent you from making progress in your relationships, business, or finances.