Vastu Tips: According to Vastu, the painting of a parrot placed in this direction of the house will remove all the defects!


Vastu Shastra has a lot of importance in our life. Today in Vastu Shastra, known as Indu Prakash, in which direction in the house, all the defects will be erased by putting a picture of a parrot. 


Correct knowledge of Vastu brings happiness and peace to your life. The picture of the parrot should be kept in the north direction of the house. Putting a picture of a parrot in this direction not only increases the interest of the child in studies but also increases his memory. Let us tell you today through this article that in which north direction the picture of a parrot in the house is removed, what are the defects. Let us know in detail-

* The position of Mercury in the horoscope decides how you speak, how you behave, your personality, and your intelligence. When the planet Mercury is moving angry with you, then there is a fault in the north direction also. Because the north is the direction of Mercury and green is considered to be his favorite color.

* Children's mind is more playful, and who are unable to pay much attention to their studies, a picture of a green parrot should be placed in the north direction of their room. Apart from this, keep in mind that while studying, the child's face should be towards the north direction.


* By doing this a person is able to make good use of his abilities. Actually, by putting a picture of a green parrot in this direction, the defect of the north direction ends. North is the direction of Mercury and Mercury is the planet of your tongue, your behavior, your mind, and your beauty.