Vastu Tips: According to Vastu Shastra, these things kept outside the house are inauspicious for a person, know here...


According to Vastu Shastra, if the Vastu of the house is correct, then there is always positive energy, but if there is any error in the Vastu, then there is the constant residence of troubles, obstacles, and diseases in the house. According to Vastu, every direction is ruled by some deity. For this reason, every item kept in the house has its importance. Negative energy enters the house easily due to things being placed in the wrong direction. In Vastu, while keeping things in the right direction inside the house is important, the rules of Vastu have to be taken care of outside the house, on the threshold, and courtyard also.


It is believed that in the houses where cleanliness and things are kept in the right direction, Goddess Lakshmi resides there. Many people keep garbage in front of their houses. Garbage in front of the door of the house is a sign of poverty. In such a situation, Mata Lakshmi does not reside in the houses in front of which garbage is collected. Due to this habit, there is a possibility of unrest, diseases, and loss of money in the house.

High road
According to Vastu, the main door of the house should always be higher than the road in front. If the people whose house is below the road built in front of them, negative energy resides there. There are always diseases and fights in such houses.

Prickly plants
According to Vastu Shastra, thorny plants should not be planted in front of the main entrance of the house. It is considered taboo in Vastu. There are obstacles to getting happiness and prosperity in the houses where there are thorny plants in front of them.

Many people keep different types of stones and bricks stored outside the house to make their homes beautiful. According to Vastu, stones lying outside the house become a hindrance in moving forward in life. Therefore, if you have also kept the stones collected outside the house, then they should be removed immediately.

Dirty water
Lakshmi does not reside with those people whose dirty water collects outside the house. Negativity comes when dirty water accumulates in front of the house. In such a situation, do not allow dirty water to accumulate outside the house.


Electric pole
According to Vastu, there should not be an electric pole in front of the house. Due to the presence of an electric pole in front of the house, there are always disputes among the members of the house.