Vastu: For good luck and prosperity, you must keep these 3 idols in your house!


To create a positive environment, Vastu Shastra is followed in most Indian homes today. Vastu Shastra advises paying attention to the proper direction while moving the things of the house. As a result, the house prospers and new opportunities to earn money open up. So after all, according to Vastu Shastra, which things should be kept in the house, which increase happiness and prosperity? Vastu Shastra mentions some unique forms of idols for prosperity and happiness, which when brought into the house, positively affect the surrounding environment.


1. Elephant for Peace

Let us tell you that in Vastu Shastra, the elephant is considered a symbol of opulence. By keeping it in the house, Goddess Lakshmi resides. If there is a dispute going on in the house about money every day and the peace of the house is disturbed, then bring a silver or brass idol to the house. It will also solve the problem related to Rahu dosha for the house.

2. For prosperity the tortoise

should be placed in the east or north of the house after bringing it inside as it is believed that it is associated with Lord Vishnu. Always keep in mind that every turtle statue you bring home must have some metal in it. This will result in the experience of peace and prosperity in the house.


3. Fish for progress

It is advised to keep brass fish or silverfish in the house as it leads to progress in the house. Just remember that when you bring a fish indoors, always keep its face towards the north. As a result, the family will have a source of income and experience a significant increase in satisfaction.