Vastu: Buying and wearing new slippers and shoes on this day is considered inauspicious, click to know!


By following the rules of Vastu Shastra, the life of a person becomes easy. There are many things that are forbidden to buy on certain days or times. Often our elders stop us about these things, but many people keep denying them. As a result, even when everything is going well, problems start happening in life and we do not understand the reason behind them. Your luck and bad luck are also linked to the purchases you make. One of them is buying footwear. Pandit Krishnakant Sharma, astrologer and Vastu Consultant of Indore tells that on which day to buy shoes and on which day not to buy them.


On which day you should not buy -

There are many such things in Vastu Shastra, which are forbidden to buy. One of them is footwear. Every person buys footwear according to his convenience and need. But, according to Vastu Shastra, one should avoid buying shoes and slippers on Amavasya, Tuesday, Saturday, or eclipse day. That is why it is believed that misfortune comes and difficulties increase.

Why not buy footwear on this day

According to astrology, shoes and slippers should not be bought on Saturday. If you should not buy shoes and slippers on Saturday, due to which the person has Shani Dosh. This angers Shani and brings misery, and poverty to the house.

On which day to buy or wear new slippers -

Vastu Shastra also tells about the auspicious day to buy and wear new shoes and slippers. It is believed that it is best to buy new shoes and slippers on Friday and wear new shoes and slippers on Friday.


On which day throw away the worn-out shoes-

Vastu Shastra also mentions throwing away unused or torn old shoes and slippers. According to tradition, old shoes and slippers should be kept outside any Shani temple on Saturday. By this remedy, a person gets saved from the bad effects of Shani.

Shoes should not be left here

According to Vastu Shastra, shoes and slippers should not be kept under the bed on which you sleep. By doing this, the health of the person sleeping on the bed is adversely affected and there is also a rift in the relationship between husband and wife.