Vastu: According to Vastu, these pictures or paintings should not be put in the bedroom even by mistake, negativity comes!


Most of the houses are constructed according to Vastu Shastra. The role of Vastu has been considered important for the whole house. If any work is against Vastu, then it has negative consequences. Today we are going to talk about a painting done at home on the subject of Vastu. People like to put pictures in the hall, bedroom, and dining room of their houses. According to Vastu, the pictures placed in the house also have a special effect on the energy of the house. Special care should be taken while placing any painting or picture in the bedroom. Many times we put such paintings in the bedroom which look beautiful but are not considered correct from the point of view of Vastu.

According to Vastu, this painting has a bad effect on the relationship between husband and wife. Let us find out what kind of paintings should not be used in the bedroom.

1. A picture related to ghosts should never be put in the bedroom. This increases negative energy in the house.

2. Never put a picture of the black cat, owl, or snake in the bedroom. They are not considered auspicious for married life.

3. Pictures of war should also not be put in the bedroom. Such paintings work to increase distress in the house. It is believed that by putting such a picture there is a dispute between husband and wife.

4. According to Vastu Shastra, not a single animal or human painting should be kept in the bedroom. It creates a kind of loneliness in your life.


5. According to Vastu, paintings related to fire should also not be kept in the bedroom. Fire is considered a symbol of destruction. It is said that keeping it in the bedroom increases anger between husband and wife.

6. Placing pictures of dead ancestors in the bedroom creates upheaval in the mind of husband and wife.

7. According to Vastu Shastra, placing the picture of water elements in the bedroom should also be avoided. It is believed that this does not bring stability to the relationship between husband and wife.

8. Do not put any paintings or photos of wild animals in the bedroom. Due to their effect, the feeling of anger between husband and wife increases.