Vast Tips : Do not make this mistake while counting money, otherwise, Goddess Lakshmi will be angry


People make many mistakes in the matter of money, which affect the happiness and prosperity in their life, today we will tell you about 5 such mistakes which should not be done while counting money.

Many people spit while counting their money while doing so insults Lakshmi and the person can spend the rest of his life in poverty

Never deal with money with dirty hands or with false hands, always touch money with clean hands only, and take special care of the purity of the place where money is kept because Mother Lakshmi does not like dirt at all.

Do not keep old bills, or waste paper in your purse, according to Vastu Shastra, doing this will affect your income and you will face a financial crisis.

Do not keep the notes folded in the purse, this is also a sign of disrespect for money which can affect the prosperity in your life.