Vaastu Tips : In which direction of the house is it auspicious to place the idol of Hanuman ji?


According to the rules of Vastu, Hanuman ji's photo or idol should never be kept in the bedroom. It is considered auspicious and beneficial to keep the idol of Hanuman ji in the northeast direction.

According to Vastu, it is considered auspicious to place Hanuman ji's idol or photo in the south direction. By placing the Hanuman ji picture in the north direction, the person gets rid of difficulties quickly.

Placing a Panchmukhi Hanuman ji photo at home brings happiness, prosperity, and wealth in life. By putting a picture of Hanuman ji in a red sitting posture on the south wall of the house, negative energy ends.

The idol of Hanuman ji should never be placed under the stairs or in the kitchen. It is auspicious to put a picture of Hanuman ji lifting the mountain at home.

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